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Drought Resistant v. Desert Scape

By September 11, 2018No Comments

A few owners have questioned whether the recent updates to the Architectural Guidelines, which prohibit cactus and large empty areas, is in effect requiring homeowners to stick with high water usage landscape plans. Has the community “crossed the line” by approving this rule? Not so.
The good news is that there are still plenty of drought tolerant choices that will reduce water consumption without going to a full desert scape. Lawns are no longer the only choice for front yard landscape, and there are plenty of native and tropical plants that are low water users including non-cactus succulents. Good quality artificial turf is also an alternative.
During the hot days of summer, it can be difficult to remember Orangecrest Country is not Palm Desert, where in some communities everything is desertscape. In order to create a harmonious overall look in the community, the Guidelines have evolved over time to allow for low water use options. You are invited to check out the “Pre-approved Plant Palette” which is available through the website and Vivo portal, or by emailing your manager and requesting the PDF.
Always remember that an approved Architectural Application is required before beginning a landscape renovation. Thanks to the continued time investment of dedicated volunteers in Orangecrest Country, there is no fee for an architectural application review, if your package is complete and according to Guidelines on the first submittal. To assure your submittal is complete, review the Guidelines, which are available in searchable PDF format on this website. If your submittal includes hardscape (concrete, DG or rock) be sure to include measurements of the total square footage of the front lot area. Your plans don’t have to be drawn by a professional but you will need to include the current and proposed square footage of hardscape, mulched areas and rock on your plan.