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Mending Fences

By April 3, 2024No Comments

It has been a wet year indeed, but eventually, the sun will come out long enough to dry out fences. If you still have an original fence, it probably needs painted or maybe even repaired or replaced.  Some properties are in dire need of fencing maintenance at the back of the property, which can be seen from the street.

If repainting, you likely will need to use a solid (v. transparent) stain to obtain a smooth homogeneous result. No application is needed for repainting, but it must be a stain or paint that falls under one of the following color schemes: (i) Cedar, (ii) Redwood, or (iii) Chestnut.

If you do wish to replace your fence, you must submit an architectural application and wait for approval before installing. You’ll need to include in your application a photo of what you intend to install along with a plot sketch of where it will go and dimensions, such as height. Be sure to get sign off from your neighbors. If it is a shared fence you are installing, only one owner needs to submit the application, although you’ll be sharing the cost of the fence between properties 50/50.  You’ll find the application on the Resident Portal along with many other useful community life documents.

While on the topic of fencing, it is worth noting that sometimes it is difficult to reach an agreement with a neighbor on fixing a shared fence.   State law has something to say about this and in general, a shared fence is a 50/50 expense proposition.   There does need to be agreement if an upgrade is wanted.   If your neighbor doesn’t want to cooperate and the situation is dire, you may wish to consult Orangecrest Country’s “Neighbor to Neighbor Dispute Policy” for guidance.   That can be found in the Resident Portal as well.