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The Importance of Homeowner Participation in HOA Elections

By November 10, 2022No Comments

In many communities, there is a struggle to meet quorum at the Annual Meeting.   Orangecrest Country’s original founders wisely took this into account when the governing documents were written and recorded back in 2000 and established a delegate system of participation in the annual meeting and voting so that quorum would not be an issue in the future of this community.   Since quorum is not an issue though, some may feel that their participation in the annual balloting doesn’t really matter.   That could not be farther from the truth!   Homeowner participation is very important to the health and continued vibrancy of Orangecrest Country.    This year there are six candidates for the two open Board positions, plus a proposed CC&R Amendment about mailboxes that needs everyone’s vote.   As many of you know, WHO is on the Board makes a big difference in how the community is run.  The members of your Board of Directors collectively set policy, make fiscal decisions and set your annual budget.  In addition, they make decisions regarding member discipline matters, common area maintenance issues, choosing vendors and contractors and directing management.   They could be compared to the gasoline (or electricity) that makes your car run.   As a well-known attorney in Southern California recently stated, Boards have Super Powers, among which are:

  • The ability to increase monthly assessments by up to 20% (without a vote of the membership)
  • Emergency special assessments for safety or unforeseen issues
  • Capital Improvements of up to 5% of the annual budget
  • “Borrow” from Reserves for Operating expenses
  • Borrowing from financial institutions
  • Delaying elections
  • Setting Board meeting agendas

All of this could almost sound frightening when you take into account that for most people, their home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime.  Fortunately, your Board has a professional management company and legal counsel to guide them along the way, and laws and governing documents that provide a safe road for the community to get from point A to point B and beyond.  Thanks to the great work of current and former responsible Board members, your community is one of the most desirable in Riverside and home values are higher than ever.

Given the tremendous impact the Board has on Orangecrest Country, please be sure to vote in the upcoming election!