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Manager’s Messages

Updating the Architectural Guidelines

From time to time, an update is needed to community governing documents to keep up with changes in local and state law and occasionally due to repeated member requests. Your Board has been working hard to update the Architectural Guidelines and to date has put at least 99 person-hours into…

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Updating Our Community’s Colors

Most homeowners that were being required to repaint their homes have by now done so.  While in the process of receiving scores of re-painting applications from homeowners and subsequently appeals for denied applications it became clear to the Board that homeowners wanted more updated choices to the approved paint palettes –…

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Orangecrest Country Committees

Maintaining an attractive community the size of Orangecrest Country cannot be thoroughly and effectively accomplished by a Board of five people, no matter how many hours a week these tireless volunteers put in. Community members like you, can provide a great solution to this conundrum by serving on a committee….

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Exterior Painting Tips

Over the last twenty years, our community has established a wonderful collection of approved Dunn-Edwards color schemes. As a homeowner, this provides you the convenience of selecting a professionally designed color scheme without the hassle of starting the color selection process from scratch. You will also have the benefit of…

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Does Your House need Paint?

Orangecrest Country homes are nearing twenty years old!  A fresh coat of paint does wonders in helping your home “age gracefully.”  Over the last year, during Open Forums at multiple regular Board meetings, we have heard complaints regarding the number of homes that need painting.  Some signs your home may…

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Annual Meeting Election Results

ORANGECREST COUNTRY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION REPORT OF INSPECTORS OF ELECTION ELECTION OF DIRECTORS I, Lisa Schwartz, the duly appointed Inspector of Election at the Annual Meeting of the Orangecrest Country Community Association, a California, nonprofit, Mutual-Benefit Corporation, held on November 17, 2020, do hereby report as follows: • The number of…

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