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It’s Home Improvement Time

By May 23, 2018No Comments

Typically this time of year there is an uptick in outdoor projects around the home, such as painting, gardening, new fencing or maybe even the addition of a pool. If you are planning any sort of change to the outside of your home please be sure to submit an architectural application before beginning any work. Approval is required for any exterior change and not obtaining needed approval can result in the Association requiring restoration or removal of the unapproved improvement. The goal is to keep the aesthetics of the community in harmony. We appreciate your help in allowing sufficient time for your all volunteer architectural committee to be able to fully review each application. Orangecrest’s approval process allows the committee just 30 days to review, and in most cases, the turn-around is much shorter. Since no fee is charged for a complete first submittal, be sure to completely fill out all applications and provide dimensions and scaled drawings if performing a landscape modification, especially when a new hardscape installation is involved. There is a $25 fee for applications that need to be resubmitted, so please do make sure it is complete and within Guidelines before submitting your application.
We look forward to receiving your application. Most questions can be answered by reviewing the Guidelines, which are under the Documents tab on this website, but we are happy to assist if you are unsure about something.