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Updating Our Community’s Colors

By February 10, 2022No Comments

Most homeowners that were being required to repaint their homes have by now done so.  While in the process of receiving scores of re-painting applications from homeowners and subsequently appeals for denied applications it became clear to the Board that homeowners wanted more updated choices to the approved paint palettes – in spite of the fact that they were last updated in 2019, which is not that long ago.  So late in the fall of last year, Dunn Edwards color consultants were contacted and requested to come up with updated choices that would blend in with each of Orangecrest Country’s four community areas. The new palettes were reviewed by the Board at the January Board meeting and approved.  They then had to be prepared for the website and we are happy to say they are now “live” and you can view them on the website.  Dunn Edwards provides a FREE service in which they will make up to two renderings of your property with paint palettes you choose from the new palettes. You may take photos of your home, visit Dunn Edwards showroom and ask for a Professional Color Advisor (PCA). Tell them you live in OCCA and what community ( Gated, Kohls etc.) you reside. They will give you up to two digital renderings of your home, to aid in your paint decisions. You may use any brand of paint you wish, but you will need to choose from the color choices on the website. All the major paint manufacturers are able to mix paint from the Dunn Edwards colors and color numbers. You may want to keep in mind that Dunn Edwards will offer Orangecrest Country homeowners a generous discount on their paints, if you ask for it.

The new 2022 Architectural Committee is also now in place and ready to receive your paint applications.  They are only accepting paint applications which utilize the approved color schemes and you do need to submit an application for any repainting.  As before, please note your color scheme number and specific paint color for each element of your home.  This is in part because you now have multiple garage color choices for each paint scheme. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the paint colors pages to see those.)   Along with the application, you need to send a current color photo of your home and the “Neighbor Statement” form as well.  (If neighbors are difficult to reach for signature, you may leave a copy of your plan on their door and note the date left there on the form.)