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The Benefits of Mulch

By March 4, 2019No Comments

Ground cover is an important element of landscaping and mulch can be the perfect solution for your planter beds.   Below are some of the benefits to adding mulch to your landscaping.
Improves Soil Structure 
As mulch decomposes over time it creates a nutrient rich topsoil by adding beneficial bacteria and nitrogen dense soil to your planting beds. Mulch can be especially beneficial to new homes whose topsoil was scraped off during construction.

Moderates Moisture
Mulch is an excellent retainer of moisture in hot weather while also preventing excess moisture during rainy months. This goes a long way with the high cost of water and the torrential downpours we see have experienced in the last few months.

Erosion Control
Mulch prevents your soil from washing down the hill. It does this by lessening the force of rain water on the topsoil. This is one of the most important functions of mulch since we have so much; battling topsoil loss can become a headache you don’t want to deal with. Protecting topsoil should be a great concern as buying topsoil is often costly and may contain pesticides and contaminants.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Mulch can gives your landscape a polished look by filling in the empty spaces and creating clean lines.  After mulch has been installed it will make your landscape look dramatically different by highlighting the beauty of your plants while masking imperfections; think of it like a mini-face lift for your landscape. This is especially helpful if you are throwing a party or trying to sell your home.
Information provided courtesy of:
Robert Whitmer | Branch Manager