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Does Your House need Paint?

By February 17, 2021No Comments

Orangecrest Country homes are nearing twenty years old!  A fresh coat of paint does wonders in helping your home “age gracefully.”  Over the last year, during Open Forums at multiple regular Board meetings, we have heard complaints regarding the number of homes that need painting.  Some signs your home may need fresh paint include staining or discoloration, fading or uneven colors, bubbling or peeling paint, cracking and damaged stucco. In general, exterior paint begins showing its age after 5-7 years.  If the exterior of your home does not look as good as it should, then it is time to get this long over-due project on the calendar and in your budget within the next few months.

Management and Board members are currently evaluating all homes, so there will be multiples sets of eyes on a home before a letter is sent stating the need to paint your home.  Properly painting stucco can be tricky, so be sure to consult reputable vendors before undertaking this major project.  Cleaning is typically needed prior to any painting or coating, so you may want to consider cleaning first and re-evaluating the need for paint. For more information about this, click here or consult another industry expert.

Remember, an Architectural Application must be submitted if you are changing any part of the color scheme on your home. Also note that Orangecrest Country does have approved paint schemes for your specific community. You can find these schemes at Dunn Edwards. It is recommended that you visit the stores or order actual paint chips to view actual paint colors. Your computer or cell phone are very inaccurate for color. (You are not required to purchase Dunn Edwards paint, only required to use the approved color schemes.)

As part of this project, Orangecrest Country would like to compile a list of reputable painters in the area for homeowner use.   If you have had your home professionally painted and that company did an awesome job, let us know!   Please tell us the following:    Year they painted your house – Company name and contact info.    We’ll make the list available to other homeowners.