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Solar Panel Tips

By September 13, 2019No Comments

Thinking of installing solar panels on your home?

With an average 277 sunny days a year, Riverside is a great place to take advantage of that sunshine to install solar panels on your home.  When choosing a professional to do an installation, as with other types contractors, proper vetting is important.   Assuring proper permits are in hand and Association approval before work is started is important and will save you the homeowner, potential hassles and regrets.   Many companies will assist with the application process.   Be sure you sign the Architectural Application package and have received the approval before any work begins.  For that matter, you will also want a copy of the city permit along with your contractor’s license and insurance before installation.

Orangecrest Country allows solar panel installations with an approved application.  While taking the time and trouble to submit an application may seem like an unnecessary delay, you as the homeowner will benefit as the approval will be contingent on the following conditions among others:

Conduits must be run under the eaves or on the back of the house.

Conduits and exterior boxes must be painted to match whatever they are up against.

Your contract with the solar panel installer should contain some verbiage stating that the work will be done in accordance with permitting and HOA requirements.  

Recently a couple of homeowners had solar panels installed by a company recognized in the area, but an Architectural Application was not submitted prior to the installation and the installations were sloppy – with conduit running visibly across the roof in several places and exterior boxes well, sticking out like a sore thumb.    The city permit did not address these aesthetic considerations.   We feel for the homeowners who had to go back and work for resolution with the solar panel installers and encourage everyone considering installing solar on their home to keep these things in mind.