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Above and Beyond

By June 27, 2017No Comments

Many Thanks are due to Orangecrest’s dedicated and energetic Board member volunteers for the many hours they put in, working to make Orangecrest Country the best it can be!   Examples of some of their activity:
Walking with the landscape company reps and management monthly to consider improvements to common area maintenance, not only for beautification, but also to find ways to save water.
Informing local authorities of issues that do not belong to Orangecrest to resolve, but affect the community.
Brainstorming on policies.
Reviewing architectural applications.
Meeting with contractors and selecting who will perform community maintenance projects.
Attending compliance hearings to assure fair outcomes.
Meeting with homeowners to resolve concerns.
Reviewing financials to make prudent financial decisions whether for investing or spending.
Set budgets and establish adequate reserves for future expenditures.
Reading compliance reports.
Reading correspondence from homeowners.
Orangecrest’s Board does all this and more looking out for everyone’s best interest who owns a home in the community. If you happen to know a Board member, let them know how much you appreciate all they are doing.   Not everyone has the time or determination to tackle the job.  If you are interested in serving on the Board or in some other volunteer role in the community contact your community manager or attend a Board meeting and make your interest known.   Elections are held in November of each year.