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By September 23, 2016No Comments

You are probably aware that as a member of a homeowner’s association, you have an obligation to maintain your home and property to a certain standard. As our community ages, we find that our homes and yards tend to need more attention – perhaps it is time to replace shutters, or to repaint our home. Landscaping also tends to become overgrown or weedy if not given the proper attention.
Part of Action’s responsibility is to conduct weekly inspections of our community and make note of any lots or homes that are not being maintained properly. Homeowners first receive a courtesy notice reminding them of their maintenance obligations, and if not corrected, they will eventually be called to a hearing before the Board to discuss the matter, at which they can be fined a monetary penalty. These hearings are a regular occurrence at the monthly Executive Session meetings as the Board takes steps to ensure compliance with all homeowner obligations.
So take a look at your home and yard and see if it needs a little TLC. Keep in mind that if you decide that some improvements are needed, you may need to obtain approval from the Architectural Committee before proceeding with any changes. (You can review the Architectural Guidelines and print an application by clicking on the “Documents” tab above; you will need a Vivo account to access Association documents.)